Friday, May 11, 2012

Today and Tomorrow

Staring down at my keyboard, I am overwhelmed with the simple fact of being alive; the simple task of inhaling and exhaling is beyond a mere habit. It has been long since I last wrapped up my emotions in letters and allowed them into the light of day. It is not easy to confront your deepest thoughts or give them voice; pushing them inwards is less complicated… at least for some time.

Probably, a part of understanding life is learning to recognize in precise detail, the features of your fears and weaknesses; to become familiar with their face until they are no longer a terrifying alien… but a part of who you are today. Maybe tomorrow will shed them off, like weightless leaves on an autumn tree. Someday, the wind is bound to gust in their direction as the trees willingly weaken their grip over their own leaves and let them go. This is their fate, and they accept it with grace. They will twirl effortlessly into the horizon never looking back.

Let the wind flow through you to carry off whatever weighs you down. Let it lift your spirit and bring forth hope.  You don’t know it yet, but from a remote distance, a breeze is heading your way. 

A new season is about to unfold…


  1. So deep, fact but always fact is unsatisfactory.

  2. You are a talented writer and should write a book! Please write more.

  3. Fact is surely dull and never enough.. but when you know it's your only way repeat it so many times in different ways to convince yourself that it is indeed satisfactory. :)

  4. Thank you Mr.Nawar. I am hoping for that insha'allah...