Monday, October 17, 2016

If you're a believer

If you are a believer.. Praying is for you. Being kind is for God. 

If you call yourself a believer.. then you should know acceptance before you know the 99 names of Allah by heart. 

Praying five times a day and fasting two times a week is for you. Treating others as your equals in humanity is for God. 

If you say you are a believer and you think you have a free pass into heaven.. I want to tell you.. some non-believers are more deserving of heaven than you. 
We were raised into a mental structure of defensive and unforgiving thought process. There is no space for a human being to diversify and express their individuality. 

Religion is fixed.
Tradition is fixed.
Roles are fixed. 

And we raise our eyebrows in disbelief when someone bends the rules; just a tiny bit to the left or right. We get angry and condemn with all we’ve got. 
We judge. 
But we are not God. 
If you are a believer you would know this basic and simple rule. 
We are only human..
All we can do in this maze of a world is to try and feel our way through the darkness of our biases and primitive knowledge of our existence and life around us.. 
If we choose to learn about the universe and ourselves, it will be self-evident to see and treat others as we truly should. 
Truth unfolds when you are in the right state of mind to receive it. 

Turn your eyes inwards and stop focusing on what is wrong with others. 

And don’t forget to love. 

Love has so many forms.. 

Love changes everything and everyone. 

Hanan Ishaq

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