Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quotes 2012- 2015

Remind me who I am..
When my mind shuts down
When I'm under the rubble
Of the past
Find me
Where I've never been found

A fuzz of the senses,
the terrible mix of the past and the present..
The ache that will never leave..
The drive for a life you could never have..
Morals that - Ina world so horrible- cost less than the watch on your wrist..
Cross roads; both broken
Cross personalities, being afraid to be you..
Disruption ..
not an error, but a hard truth

~ hanan


Gather the million little crumbles of me so I can open my eyes this morning..
Put me back together;
Convince me to be capable of life..
The battles inside are the greatest of all..
They are endless
They will not subside..


There is an ironic sadness that comes along with the beauty of the warm light of sunsets. The final moments before the sun completely disappears, the most beautiful ones.
Some days at this time, when I happen to be watching. I cannot help but feel a sense of loss. Like saying goodbye to someone knowing that you will never see them again.


Compose your song
The secret tone
The one you hid when you were young
The words
The rhymes
The lonely thoughts
Just passing along
Set them free
Know without doubt
You are true
You are strong

Chase that fire
Inside your heart
One day it will lead you
To where you belong

~ Hanan


Freedom.. Is not caring if people accept you or not. Freedom.. is that you accept yourself.


The most well-formed conviction you'll ever have is the one you didn't rush into while palpitating..
the one that took time, enough information, and most importantly a mind that has accepted to process without prejudice.
If man can rationalize through his primal human self.. Only then will he be able to truly be just.


Stop.. !
Today, tomorrow.. In five years, if you may.
After you do...
You do..
Life will begin ..


Is the lightness of the heart
The little smiles
Rushing through your bloodstream;
When your free

Breathing in
A thousand speckles of light
Then slowly
Breathing them out

They will follow your footsteps;
To all your secret thoughts

Is weightless
It is a lighter shade of blue..

It is knowing
At the end of the day
that's it's ok
It be you..

Grey clouds suspended
On a dusty pink sky..

On the canvas of divine perfection;
Art was born
As outlines comply ..

Shadows, shades
Breathtaking highlights

Flawless unison

Words so beautiful;
They unfold with a melody
If you listen close..

Upon a foreign reality..
To someone out there,
It is home..

A tornado
Of rainbow dust
Destroys all your black and white ..

But later,
You'll smile
To the sight of broken frames.
To unfamiliar colors;
Invading your timid spaces..

Silence is a language;
Only your heart can understand..
Trust your instinct..
Take a leap; a chance
A road unplanned

Stop for a moment;
To rewind-
Start over

Tomorrow's a new start

Today a closure..

Life was designed with hardship and pain.. If it were a house, you would find struggle in the foundation; tears painting the walls; and confusion in the yellow lights above. But in a room right upstairs, if you care to open the door, you will find a little gift to get you through the day or give you a reason to smile.
Love... is that gift..

You are who you are because of throes who share your life.. The little stops, pauses and turns you make; the words, acts and feelings that fuse into a canvas called life..
It's not all you..
Some colors are borrowed..


All we need from the seemingly endless transition they call "life" is for someone to look into our eyes; into our very essence, and understand.
 To be understood , is to be loved ..


Stay ..
When the winds start to roar..
When the world seems to have changed into a foreign reality..
A game of words and lives..
Continues to play..

When I can no longer understand myself.. Or this world
As I feel the urge to run away
Give me roots,
Give me reason
To sit down with you
And stay ..


Burn me down into ash...

Let the wind blow me into the vast skies..

Scattered; weightless.. countless

Let my essence be free..
Let the clouds embrace me .. take me on their journey; then shed me in their pouring rain- like tears
on a city I've never seen, far away from here..

Let the music of my heart play as I descend

Let them know...

I was here


There is a silence that is born within the chaos; like the eye of the hurricane ..
That powerful calm of indifference when everything is in commotion..
It's beautiful..
It's scary..


The clock ticks as the seconds pay their dues; o n e by o n e. Like soldiers marching in perfect rhythm. One, two, three...
Life comes down to this..


Smile.. Deliberately.. Fake it if you have to..
Keep smiling until your little red blood cells are smiling as well :)

Inspiration rushes into my mind like soldiers on time of duty. They line up with authority and conviction…then stand still- as if they are waiting for a sign- for a moment. It seems that they just broke out off a hidden corner in my brain for a reason unknown to me...

I give them the sign…

They attack.


Give your mind the permission to indulge in this pause; this chaotic silence that will lead you to experience an astonishing clarity… believe that you are strong enough to look into the eyes of the confusing mess long enough to figure out the it’s beautiful cryptogram…
~Hanan Ishaq


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I don't know you

I don't know you..

So I think you didn't happen..

Your existence ..

The day you were born

Your little heart beating fast..

The moment you died;

Your ultimate pain..

I wasn't there

As your life flashed in front of you..

You; walking down the road

Thinking about your life;

Your family

The little bag in your hand

footsteps steady..

Then it met you..

The explosion;

It hit you, as it blew

I don't know you..

You didn't know me..

But it hurts that your gone

Your blood on the ground

It could have been me..

It could have been


I knew ..

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Prayer for My Unborn Son

The world stands still in a silent little intermission; an anticipating calm. Together we wait for the miracle of your life; the heartbeats that have blossomed from my very soul. My life is no longer mine, your life completely yours.  My dreams no longer matter being weighed against your own. The dreams that are yet speckled butterflies in the horizon, fluttering softly in a wait for you to chase them into the palms of your precious hands.

May the world unwrap with love on every path you take, and may you always have a shoulder to lean on. May God grant you with the capacity to love others enough to bear with their flaws. May you become a man of your word, and a man of honor. May you always know how to respect a woman and in return earn her own. May you forever be a believer in God and never go astray. May you have passion in your heart and wisdom in your soul... And may you love me as much as I love you.

You will be okay my love…

You’ll be okay as long as you know that your self-image should be a portrait of your own making, and your self-respect a product of your virtue; your own reaching.
You will be okay as long as you find the balance between loving life and knowing it isn’t meant to last.
You will be okay as long as -waking up every morning- you’ll find a reason to make you hum a lullaby or have a smile on your face
You’ll be okay as long as you never forget your prayers; the little gateway to the mysterious and magnificent divine.

Good night and see you soon…